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Tile Grout and Grout Sealer in Wentzville, Missouri

Grout cleaning and tile sealing are services we offer here at New Look Corp. Customers in and around Wentzville, Missouri, who need a professional and experienced company to carry out the grouting should look no further than our team here.

Our grouting service does not include grout installation. Our staff will do tile cleaning, grout sealing, commercial floor waxing, and we pride ourselves on being the best tile cleaning company in the area. Our prices are highly affordable and we guarantee you will not find a better service in the Wentzville area.

Our process includes a thorough pre-inspection of all tiles and grout lines to check for any cracks, loose tiles, or loose or damaged grout lines. We believe in providing all our valued clients with a high level of customer service.

When we arrive at a house to carry out grout cleaning work, we ask the homeowner to remove as many items as possible from the floor. If there are large pieces, such as furniture, then our teams can assist. We will then pre-treat the floor with environmentally-safe chemicals to help with any soils that may be hidden beneath the flooring.

The rinsing and extraction process consists of using a high pressure, water and vacuum head extractor, which is a state-of-the-art cleaning system. When that part of the process is complete, it leaves the floors virtually dry, and we can then apply a grout sealer if needed or requested.

Once the cleaning and grouting work is finished, it is perfectly safe to walk on the floors almost immediately. You will find our work to be quick, effective, and professionally done, and our employees are always honest, and courteous.

Tile and Grout cleaning can help enhance the appearance of any floor, and at New Look Corp we are the best tile cleaners for miles around. So if you want to take advantage of our grouting expertise, call us today at (636) 223-5347.

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